Our FREE Houseplant Clinic with Gardener’s World Joe Bagley

We’re delighted to announce we’ll be joined by Gardener’s World Joe Bagley for a FREE Houseplant Clinic in store!

Come and meet the houseplant expert and receive top tips and advice on how to make your indoor plants thrive! Our friend and self-confessed houseplant fanatic, Joe Bagley, will be on site in our Houseplant department from 12pm on Saturday 25th March to advise on the best houseplants for your home as well as diagnosing problems and offering personalised expertise on how you can get the best out of your indoor jungle!

Whether you’re looking for something to fit a certain room, unsure on watering patterns or need advice on how to pot up your plant, Joe will be here from 12pm offering top tips and expert horticultural advice. Come and say hello!

Whether you’ve got crispy leaves or drooping stems, the houseplant doctor, Joe Bagley, is on hand to help diagnose common issues with your plants and help get them back in tip top shape. So whether you’re a beginner gardener or a total enthusiast, come and visit Joe in our Houseplant department to receive your personalised, expert advice!

We’ve listed some common issues with indoor plants below so you can see if you need to seek some expert help from Joe!


Mealy bugs, fungus gnats, spider mites and whiteflies are common pests in indoor jungles and are quick to spread to other plants in close proximity. You’ll spot these bugs clinging to the underside of leaves or burrowing in the surface of the soil.


Often spotted by unusual discolouration or out of the ordinary textures on leaves. Unfortunately, some plants can be sold with diseases so it’s good to know how to spot the early signs and save yourself from purchasing a diseased plant.

Root Rot

A lack of drainage in a pot too big can cause root rot and can leave you with foul smelling soil. Root rot can cause a host of problems for your indoor plant and is a common issue that can be easily prevented if the correct care is followed.


Choosing the right potting mix, size of pot, drainage needs and aeration in soil is all crucial to your plants health and can vary from plant to plant. When it comes to repotting, you need to understand your plant and its needs in order to help it thrive!



Joe Bagley is Leicester-born and has been a keen gardener even since helping his grandmother in her garden from a young age. Picking out snails and pottering around in the garden soon turned into a love of houseplants and a keen eye for horticulture. Growing his first houseplants in 2013, Joe soon achieved his dream job in a Leicester garden centre and went on to establish his brand, UK Houseplants. Offering advice, tips and articles for beginners and houseplant enthusiasts alike, Joe’s passion for plants was quickly spotted by BBC Radio Leicester after writing his 260th article on his website.


In 2021, Joe made his first appearance on Gardener’s World showcasing his indoor jungle in his flat in Leicester. Now set for his third year of sharing his horticulture expertise, Joe will be at the Gardener’s World Live event alongside other experts like Monty Don, Carol Klein and Adam Frost.


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