We’re here to help you keep your garden looking great and discover what will grow well in your plot – whether you’re growing your own, adding to beds and borders, feeding our feathery friends or dealing with problem pests. You’ll find all the leading brands in store and all the essentials to tackle any job in your garden.

The team at Tong offer the expertise and range to ensure you can add colour, texture and interest all year round.


Our extensive range of bedding plants are proven quality with grow guarantee, with many varieties grown right here in Yorkshire!


With one of the largest outdoor plant areas, you’ll find a huge and varied selection of hardy garden plants from trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials to herbs and alpines.


Beautiful hanging baskets and seasonally planted containers, made up or made to order and certain to add colour and interest to your outdoor space.

Plant Finder Kiosk



Find your perfect plant!

Our Plant Finder can help you to find the right plant for your garden! Situated in our outdoor plant department, our interactive touch screen kiosks can provide you with in depth information of any plant including where to plant, soil type and growth rate!

Not only that, but they can advise you with care instructions to help you make the most of your plants season by season!

Have a go yourself next time you visit and see what you can learn!

Discover our Online Plant Finder

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A Guide To Companion Planting

In the veggie patch, companion planting is all about attracting beneficial insects and making the most out of the growing season by planting beneficial crops together.

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Structure, form and shape are all extremely important when it comes to the overall design of our garden, and it’s important to get it right if you’re keen to stick to a theme – but who said it can’t be exciting?

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The season of sunshine is upon us and soon everyone will have happy hanging baskets in their outdoor spaces! Be it a front door, garden pergola, shed or fence, a hanging basket bursting with new life and over-spilling with colour is a MUST for summer and we’re here to teach you all about it…

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Here to help

Our team have bags of knowledge in their specialist areas. No question is too silly, please just ask!

Hardy plants lifetime guarantee

We carefully select great quality plants that are guaranteed to grow so, providing you keep the receipt and look after the plant we’ll happily replace your hardy plant if it fails.

Carry to car

Please ask for help with heavier or bulky items. We’ll happily take items to the till and load them into your car for you.

Garden Essentials

We have a wide range of garden essentials available for you to make the most of your garden all year round.

Visit us instore or shop online to pick up everything you’ll need from garden tools, pots, containers, aggregates and compost!

Expert Advice

Our team of experts are on hand to help you with any gardening problem you have – whether you have a large outdoor space, a small patio or even a balcony!

The team at Tong are here to offer their knowledge and experience to ensure that your garden thrives all year round!

Planting with Peat-Free

Peat-free compost is a totally natural and eco-friendly compost which is made from recycled garden materials including bark, wood fibre and coir, that is not only great for your garden but great for the environment too.

And with peat becoming a limited resource across the world, many gardeners are beginning to opt for a peat-free alternative.

See the benefits of planting peat-free!

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Climate & Community

As an independent garden centre with our roots firmly in Yorkshire, we will reduce our impact on the environment and play an active part in the place we call home.

We care passionately about how we do business and are proud to have a robust ‘Climate and Community’ commitment that details our pathway to sustainability, the active role we play in our local community and the caring culture we have created for our people.

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