Our Favourite Easy To Care For Houseplants

There’s a houseplant out there for everyone! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your existing collection or just starting to build your indoor garden from scratch, our team of houseplant experts have pulled together their top five easiest houseplants to care for (we’d take their word for it, they really know their stuff!)

Cast Iron Plant

Able to cope in mostly any light conditions, this plant is a number one contender for anyone who struggles to keep their houseplants alive! The cast iron plant gets its name from its hardy, iron-like structure. It’s a slow growing plant that is able to grow in any area in your home.


Cacti are drought tolerant, require a well draining potting mix and need an occasional water. Cacti are very independent, they thrive with a little bit of neglect and will pretty much look after themselves making them a great beginner houseplant for children or adults alike!

Peace Lily

These plants LOVE bright areas in your home. Avoid direct sunlight as this could scorch its leaves. Peace lily’s are known to be quite dramatic if they are unhappy by drooping it’s leaves, if this happens check the soil with your finger and if it’s dry, give it a good drink! Be sure to deadhead spent blooms after they have flowers to maintain a flush of flowering blooms throughout the months.

Aloe Vera

A bright spot will guarantee a happy aloe vera plant! Keep away from radiators or draughty windows and allow the soil to dry out between each watering. Aloe is a slow growing plant and can be used topically but should not be eaten by people or pets.

Snake Plant

A firm favourite for all houseplant lovers! It’s stiff, sword like leaves can range from 5 inches to 5 feet tall! These plants can maintain any level of light so pop your plant in a dark corner of the house to add much needed dose of greenery. You will notice that placing this plant outside in summer or on a sunny windowsill will boost its growth in quick succession.


Content in any corner of your room and tolerant of low light levels, these pretty houseplants are great for beginners. Pothos are low maintenance vines with heart shaped leaves that require little attention, allow the soil to dry out between watering and enjoy your pretty pathos as it thrives!

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