We’re delighted to have partnered with Whitecote Primary School to teach children all about self-care!


We’ve donated fourteen house plants to help a local school teach their children about caring for living things. Whitecote Primary School were especially keen to use house plants to help demonstrate how caring for yourself can help you thrive and what better way to teach this than to provide living plants to each class for the children to take care of.


“Our Children were so excited to learn more about house plants and have been especially excited to look after their new Venus flytrap. Without the support of Tong Garden Centre, many of our children wouldn’t have had the opportunity to touch, feel and look after this exotic plant. Being able to nurture and watch these plants grow creates magic experiences that make all the difference in our classrooms, as well as providing a homely welcoming touch in our school” said Katie Buller from Whitecote Primary School.


Jane and Hannah from our House Plants team chose some of their favourite plants from our indoor plant area to gift.

Hannah’s Plants

Venus Flytrap

“I could watch a Venus Flytrap open and close all day. It can be very tempting to touch the jaws with your fingers, the children can learn that touching can distress the plant and gentle care is best”.


“When the world is a little grey outside of the classroom windows, succulents can bring a little beautiful, lush green zen touch inside”.

Jane’s Plants


“I love the spiky texture of Cacti and I thought this would bring a little piece of dessert to their classrooms in Bramley”

Spider Plants

“Spider plants are great for classroom. As they grow little spider babies, the children can have great fun repotting these. It’s a great way to show how caring for something adds much more value to that item

The teams across all of our centres love to give back to community projects and local charities. In the last year our teams have nominated over 40 different charities and projects, gifting support from our Kindness Pot to help those who need it most.

We’re delighted to be working with Whitecote’s primary school on some future projects and look forward to collaborating with them again in the next few months.

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