Our Love Nature Garden

A great wildlife garden uses colours and shapes of flowers to keep insects and birds coming back for nectar throughout the year. Our brand new Love Nature Garden is set to inspire and educate gardeners of any skill set to plant for local wildlife and take action to positively impact nature restoration in their own outdoor space.

Now is the time to actively encourage wildlife into our gardens more than ever before. Here at Tong, we’ve created our own Love Nature Garden and planted with purpose for our pollinators. We’re showing our customers how they can achieve their own wildlife haven and positively impact nature recovery, no matter how big or small their outdoor space! Designed by our outdoor plants department manager Marc Salama, our garden is located in our plant canopy and offers a refreshing approach to garden design with wildlife at its heart.

Our Love Nature garden aims to explore the benefits of having pollinator friendly plants and varying wildlife habitats in your outdoor space. We’ve highlighted just some of the many purposefully placed plants and wildlife havens used in our garden and included some information about the important benefits they bring. Our aim is to refresh our Love Nature Garden throughout the changing seasons, just as you could in your own space at home. Be sure to visit our garden throughout the seasons to stay inspired and find refreshing ways to style your space whilst welcoming wildlife at the same time.

Our Garden For Summer


Often overlooked and considered a weed, the Cirsium plant has beautiful dark purple flowers and green foliage and is particularly popular with bumble bees and honeybees.

Digitalis purpurea

This species has evolved over time to attract long tongued bees such as the common carder bee. Their brightly coloured, lipped petals allow insects to land and climb up the tube of the petal to source invaluable nectar.


After rainfall, the hosta plant captures small puddles of water on it’s waxy leaves, helping smaller pollinators such as spiders, ladybirds and beetles find a source of water.


Blackcaps, woodpigeons and blackbirds are particularly attracted to the Hedera plant for it’s high fat, nutritious berries.

Bug hotels

Bug hotels offer a sheltered safe space for minibeasts to lay their eggs and remain out of danger from predators.

Bird feeders

Feed our feathery friends! Our birds may not always have access or the ability to forage for food. Setting up a birdfeeder in your garden can offer a lifeline to our birds and will reward us with welcome garden visits.

Bird baths

A fresh source of water everyday keeps our feathered friends cool in the summer. Fresh water is also attractive to bees and butterflies that help pollinate your garden!

Hedgehog houses

A gardener’s best friend! Eating pesky slugs that munch their way through your plants they are a great, natural way to keep pests at bay. What’s more, hedgehogs need a safe place to nest and feed their young.

Pledge A Plant

Calling all gardeners! We invite you to plant with purpose and add one or more of our expertly selected pollinating plants to your garden throughout the year. In doing so, you can join us in positively impacting nature recovery.

We were amazed to learn from our friends at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust that, together, all the gardens in the UK are larger than all of our national Nature Reserves combined. Imagine if everyone who had a garden planted just one plant for a pollinating insect, that would provide so many opportunities for our wildlife to thrive. Better still, if we planted one each month, we’d really be making a huge difference!

What’s more, we get to enjoy beautiful plants in our gardens, not only because they look great but because they do a great job! So, we invite you to join our ‘Pledge a plant’ campaign. If you have the space and love to add new plants to your garden, why not join many taking the one plant pledge. Simply add at least one wildlife friendly plant to your green space each month, by doing so, you’re helping positively impact nature recovery – it’s that easy!


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