Katie Rushworth: An Autumn Space for Positivity

The leaves are falling and Autumn is calling!


Katie Rushworth, our favourite Yorkshire gardener and TV presenter, has once again transformed her wellbeing garden here at Tong. From the vibrant pinks, summery yellows and warming oranges of Summer to the bold and impactful, dark colours of Autumn. Katie’s garden is an Autumn space for positivity and is teeming with seasonal textures, form and structure!



“We’ve really embraced the wintery months with this seasons transformation! I’ve added so much evergreen structure in here, providing inspiration to those looking for more low maintenance garden all year round.”

“My top tip for this season is to look at the colour in your stems, foliage and leaf form – that’s where the interest lies at this time of year. I’ve really enjoyed this transformation! Come and take a seat in my garden and see for yourself!”


The good old hebe! I’ve used a compact variety with a variegated leaf for this seasons transformation, it’s so beautiful and unique! Hebe’s will look brilliant all year round as well as giving you an abundance of flowers in late Summer and early Autumn.


I have to say, hellebores are one of my all time favourite plants. They produce wonderful, lush foliage and send up brilliant flowers that come in a variety of colours, flowering even in the depths of winter!


Heather is a Yorkshire plant, it grows all across our moorlands creating a seemingly endless carpet of pink and purple! It gives brilliant nectar late in the year for our bees too – they’re a great addition to your garden.


Holly is a wonderful winter plant! It’s brilliant for birds as it provides nesting sites, breeding spots and also berries to feed them in the cold, winter months.

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