Air So Pure: Houseplants That Purify The Air

There are so many benefits to having houseplants in your home – they’re beautiful to look at, add personality, boost our mental health and increase productivity. But did you know, they are fantastic at purifying the air quality around you which is so important to our health, fitness and well-being.

Here at Tong, we’re all for promoting a healthy lifestyle so our team have picked out a select range of Air So Pure plants which are natural air cleaners chosen for their strong air purifying effect.

So, if you’re wanting to live and work in healthy surroundings, then go ahead and pick out some Air So Pure plants!


The brand Air So Pure® handpick houseplants, from a select group of passionate growers, that are all scientifically proven to purify the air in your home or work environment and create a healthier, more comfortable space around you with their ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and break down any harmful gasses!

Their range of air-purifying plants continues to grow and the brand is now a household name. However, all plants must be extensively tested and only houseplants that score highly are included in their select range.


Every plant produces a certain amount of oxygen, but not all houseplants can absorb harmful substances and clean the air like the Air So Pure range.

Each houseplant in their range helps to neutralize toxic gases, turn CO2 into oxygen and improve humidity levels by evaporating water through their leaves.

There are so many other benefits to owning Air So Pure Plants that will not only improve your living conditions but make a real difference to you and your lifestyle. The Air so Pure range helps to:

Promote Healthy Living

Improve Concentration Levels

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Increase Productivity

Reduce Stress Levels

Boosts Your Mental Health




Peace Lily

The Air So Pure Spathiphyllum is a hearty, full-blooming, air-purifying plant that is very easy to care for. Considered the number one air purifying houseplant, the Peace Lily exudes peace and tranquillity with its stunning white blooms.

They enjoy partial sun or a shady location, but do not do well in sunlight! They prefer their soil to remain moist so add a large amount of water roughly once a week.


Areca Palm

The Areca palm excels in purifying the air while making a statement in your home at the same time!

One of the faster-growing varieties, the Areca Palm has a number of cane-like stems with light-green pinnate leaves which like to be situated in a light place. Water twice a week, although once a week is sufficient in the winter.



Calathea is a special, highly-decorative houseplant with colourful, variegated foliage. Native to South America, the Calathea is a tropical plant that prefers shade and thrives in humidity.

Give the plant regular but small amounts of water and don’t forget to spray its leaves occasionally.



Chlorophytum Atlantic is an outstanding plant that stands out because of its long, variegated leaves.

They form thick, fleshy roots meaning that the plant loves water, so don’t let it dry out. You can put this plant almost everywhere – just be sure to avoid direct sunlight!


Corn Palm

The Dracaena is a beautiful plant that will add interest to any room in your home! They are super easy to take care off but just be sure to place them in a light, airy place and water once a week.

Just remember to keep away from any draughty areas such as open doors or windows.

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