Katie Rushworth: A Summer Space for Positivity

Summer has finally arrived and we’re so ready for the sunshine! Our favourite Yorkshire gardener and TV presenter, Katie Rushworth, has once again transformed her wellbeing garden here at Tong. From the gentle colours of spring to vibrant pinks, summery yellows and warming oranges, Katie’s garden is a summer space for positivity and is bursting with colour, textures and interest.

“It’s summertime and I’m delighted to be back at Tong to refresh my wellbeing garden with VIPS’s that bring riots of colours and scents and are perfect for a summer!”

“I am chuffed with how my refreshed garden has turned out. I love the cheery, positive colour pallet, the oranges and pink really pop – It definitely captures that summery feeling! Come and take a seat, take it all in and enjoy my brand new, summer space for positivity!”


Crocosmia are great in a summer garden! They are so easy to look after and reward you with wonderful, upright foliage with deep red and orange flowers. All you need to do is cut them back each year and they will reward you with blooms time after time!


I had to choose dahlias as my VIP’s this season! They come in so many different varieties with varying colours, heights and sizes. I think they are so wonderful and are a must in any summer garden!


One of my very important plants this season is the salvia! I particularly love the variety ‘Neon’. It has really aromatic foliage that smells delicious and produces masses of beautiful hot colours. It’s so nice!


If there’s one thing you need to do this summer, it’s add more grasses to your garden! I love working with grasses, they act like glue between your planting and add a lovely naturalistic look to your outdoor space.

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