November Plant of the Month

The team at Tong have chosen Buxus as our plant of the month!

Buxus, more commonly known as Box, is a large, slow-growing evergreen shrub. Compact and versatile, Buxus have small, glossy oval or oblong leaves and are perfect for borders and small boundaries.

Box can also be successfully grown as a hedge or in containers, and is often clipped into formal topiary shapes.


Box should be planted in autumn or spring and is happy in sun or shade. Box will tolerate deep shade and is ideal for planting beneath taller trees. However, if planted in full sun, make sure to keep the soil moist as direct sunlight could cause the foliage to scorch.

Box is tolerant of a wide range of soil types, provided there is adequate drainage and it does not dry out completely. When planting, add a well-rotted manure, pelleted chicken manure or Buxus feed to stimulate healthy root growth and help the plant establish itself quickly.


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