Dress Your Door with a Christmas Wreath


Ever had a go at making your own Xmas wreath? It’s one of my favourite things to do and so satisfying, especially when most of it has been cut off from the garden.

I use all kinds of foraged evergreens in mine, plants like Hebe, Holly, Choisya and Camellia all look fab! You just need to create small bundles of each and tie to a framework which has been covered in moss using florist wire. Be generous with you foliage and work in a clockwise direction as you add more, layering as you go.

Once back whee you started, use a large ribbon to decorate and anything else you fancy! I finish mine with things like dried orange slices, bundles of cinnamon sticks and the odd sprig of rosemary. The scent never fails to make me smile every time I open the door!

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