Our Peat Policy


As a responsible retailer, we fully support the reduction of peat used in horticulture and ensure our customers are given an increasing and informed choice of sustainable and peat free gardening alternatives as well as advice and knowledge about the use and performance of peat free growing media.

Why peat free?

Yorkshire’s peatlands are iconic in our landscape yet, in just 6 decades, these invaluable landscapes have been devastated. Peat is a natural carbon store, a vital habitat for scarce wildlife and plays an essential role in water and flood management due to its excellent water retention qualities. We therefore recognise the essential action required to protect our vulnerable peatlands and help to prevent climate change.

As the horticulture industry here in the UK supports peatland restoration and so continues to reduce reliance on peat, we too will introduce a wider range of peat free and reduced peat alternatives, meeting the Government legislation to ban the sale of peat for horticulture by 2026.


Peat Free Planting

We will always use peat free compost when planting containers and baskets unless customers specifically request a peat-based product.


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