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Plants aren’t just for your garden – create an inside garden with a selection of stunning houseplants.

Many indoor plants create a living focal point, connect us with nature and brighten our indoor space.

But there are so many benefits to having indoor houseplants including regulating humidity levels and adding fresh oxygen to your surroundings.

Whether it’s a spider plant, a collection of cacti or a peace lily, add a touch of greenery to your living space and feel the benefits immediately!

Carnivorous Houseplants

Whether they’re catching insects with their shape, texture or movement, Carnivorous plants are sure to be one of the more unusual additions to your indoor collection.

We love these great, green companions! They are a natural way to keep pests at bay and they look scarily spectacular too! Read our top tips below to keep yours thriving all year round.

1. Our tap water contains too many minerals for carnivorous plants. They naturally grow in poor, acidic conditions so it is recommended to water these houseplants with rainwater which helps to mimic their natural environment and allows them to thrive.

2. Wet feet = happy plants! These bog lovers enjoy sitting in wet soil. We recommend bottom watering with a saucer or pebble tray, this way there’s no risk of overwatering as the plant will only take in as much water as it needs.

3. Keep plants looking good by regularly deadheading spent or used heads. We recommend acting fast to avoid any build-up of disease or fungus spreading to the rest of the plant.


There’s a houseplant out there for everyone! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your existing collection or just starting to build your indoor garden from scratch, our team of houseplant experts have pulled together their favourites.


Cacti are drought tolerant, require a well draining potting mix and need an occasional water. Cacti are very independent, they thrive with a little bit of neglect and will pretty much look after themselves making them a great beginner houseplant for children or adults alike!


These plants LOVE bright areas in your home. Avoid direct sunlight as this could scorch its leaves. Peace lily’s are known to be quite dramatic if they are unhappy by drooping it’s leaves, if this happens check the soil with your finger and if it’s dry, give it a good drink! Be sure to deadhead spent blooms after they have flowers to maintain a flush of flowering blooms throughout the months.


firm favourite for all houseplant lovers! It’s stiffsword like leaves can range from 5 inches to 5 feet tall! These plants can maintain any level of light so pop your plant in a dark corner of the house to add much needed dose of greenery. You will notice that placing this plant outside in summer or on a sunny windowsill will boost its growth in quick succession.


bright spot will guarantee a happy aloe vera plant! Keep away from radiators or draughty windows and allow the soil to dry out between each watering. Aloe is a slow growing plant and can be used topically but should not be eaten by people or pets.

Expert Advice

Our team of experts are always on hand to help you with anything you need – no question is too big!

The team at Tong are here to offer their knowledge and experience to ensure that your Plants thrives all year round!


Choosing the right pot is just as important as finding the right plant for your space! Make the step-up from the standard plant pot with a stylish upgrade that will not only enhance your houseplant but elevate your home’s decor!

Compost & Potting mix

All plants are different! Though plant care can be a doddle to some, it’s best to check the exact needs of your plant and guarantee you mimic their ideal living conditions to allow them to thrive! A simple way to please your plant is to mimic its natural habitat.

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