Find a home for your houseplants

Houseplants breathe life into your home, cleaning the air as they grow and looking fantastic at the same time. Transform any room into a living space with a selection of beautiful houseplants that never go out of style!

Fill empty corners

Need to fill a corner in your living room? Well, houseplants can be the perfect solution! Tall, slim plants such as Yucca, Dracaena and Rubber Plants don’t take up much space but will really bring a drab-looking corner to life!

Leafy bathrooms

The bathroom often provides the perfect conditions for a range of different houseplants. Jungle plants such as Swiss Cheese Plants, Spider Plants and Air Plants adore the warm and humid environment and they are perfect for adding living elements to your washroom.

Group your greens

Grouping a number of houseplants with different leaf shapes and sizes, is an effortless way to bring a new energy into any room. Our houseplant buyer, Janice, suggests trying a combination of Cacti, Peacock Plants and Snake Plants to give maximum impact to your space.

Feel the benefits

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space, with soft furnishings and a calming décor so adding a houseplant or two increases your sense of wellbeing as you get ready for bed. Our giftware supervisor, Jane, says Aloe Vera, Peace Lilies and Orchids are the ideal plants for your bedroom as they release oxygen during the night, helping you get better night’s sleep!

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