Planting the perfect terrarium

Terrariums are miniature contained gardens that help bring greenery to any indoor space! They’re easy to care for, look fantastic and are the perfect environment for growing your cacti, succulents and air plants! Here are our top tips for planting the perfect terrarium:

  1. Pick slow-growing plants such as cacti or air plants, which are less likely to outgrow the container.
  2. Choose a clear and airy container to allow for light to flow in. We recommend choosing a glass terrarium.
  3. Add half an inch or so of small sized gravel at the bottom of your container to help with drainage
  4. Be creative! Arrange your plants how you want but remember to leave space between them to allow for new growth.
  5. Place in dry and light conditions – ideally on a windowsill.
  6. Water directly at the base of the plants but be careful not to over water! 

And the last thing you need to do is enjoy them! They are perfect for an office space, a spacious bedroom or a light and airy kitchen!

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