Style your home with houseplants

Houseplants are the home décor staple that will never go out of style. Not only do they lend well to a homey aesthetic, but they’re good for your home as well. Use a variety of different houseplants to style your home in a very unique way!


With the right care, orchids can provide your home with a beautiful, long-lasting display with stunning shaped flowers in vibrant colour! Fancy something different? Try Anthurium. In the right growing conditions, they will reward your home with wonderful, long lasting flowers.


From their striking colours to their big, bold shapes, a Monstera Deliciosa can become an impressive centrepiece in your home with its large, glossy split leaves. We also love Dracaena with its striking variegated leaves being the main attraction for this popular ornamental plant.


The unusual succulent beads of String of Pearls are perfect for kickstarting your own hanging garden in your home. This trendy houseplant is a beautiful trailing succulent which thrives in bright light and soil that is kept on the dry side.


Cacti come in many weird and wonderful shapes! They are very low maintenance, look fantastic and perfect for your first houseplant! Group a number of these little beauties together to create a little spectacle in your home!

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