Go wild in your garden!


No matter how big or small, there’s so much we can do in our gardens to attract and support wildlife that will, in turn, positively impact our climate crisis through nature recovery.


You could very well be surprised to find unexpected wildlife right there in your garden. One of the biggest ways you can positively impact wildlife health is to offer a little piece of your garden to abode our furry friends.


The team at Tong are passionate about sharing what we could do in our gardens to make a big difference to the natural world.

Plant a climber

Wildlife-friendly climbing plants provide a valuable habitat and food source for many creatures. Honeysuckle, jasmine and wisteria will require a trellis but ivy and Virginian creeper will scramble up walls unaided.


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Plant a wild patch

Support a range of insects by creating a mini wildflower meadow in a wild patch of lawn, a flowerpot or flower bed. Wildflower seeds prefer unproductive soil, simply sow evenly, water thoroughly and don’t be tempted to add manure or fertiliser.

Bathing our Birds

Bird baths don’t only just provide a source of hydration, but our chirpy friends also love support in pruning their feathers and having a freshen up bath. 

Buzzing Habitats

To create a buzzing attraction, hanging bee houses in shaded tree you’ll be amazed to see what you quickly attracted. Plant some pollinators to help them flourish, return to their new home to rest their winds and lay down their nectar.

Feeding and Breeding

Ladybird and bug hotels provide a perfect setting to help attract and multiply our insect friends. Drilled holes act as the perfect cosy log cabin shelter to offer the security and warm to help them thrive.

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