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Spring in our gardens is all about new life and the start of a blooming colourful season ahead. With flowers of all shapes and sizes bringing bright and bold hues that entice wildlife to feed off their rich supply of nectar, the warmer months bring a wealth of wonderful plants in a riot of colours that help attract various pollinators across the seasons. We’ve made note of some pollinator colour preferences to help those wanting to encourage a specific pollinator to their garden.

Purples and blues guarantee a charm of buzzing bees in your garden. We particularly love lavender, chives and nepeta. 

Reds and oranges attract butterflies of all shapes and colours to your garden, you’ll find clusters of them in your honeysuckle and gaillardia – they find them irresistible!

Not forgetting our night time pollinators like moths and bats, who are particularly attracted to night time blooming plants for their fragrance rather than their colour, including wisteria and night blooming jasmine.

Yellow flowers attract a whole host of pollinators! From the birds and the bees to butterflies and beetles, yellow is a colour that’s guaranteed to bring a bustle of activity to your garden! 


Combined with colour preference, choosing flowers with varying petal shapes also helps to attract a greater range of pollinators to your garden.

Open bowl shape petals such as poppiesrock rose, or ranunculi’s are particularly attractive to our honeybees.

Lipped flowers such as salvia and nemesia make an ideal landing platform for flying insects to rest and drink nectar at the same time.

Bunched flowers are ideal for smaller pollinators, particularly scabious, offering a fresh sweet scent to your garden.

Tubular shaped flowers allow those insects with a long proboscis to feed, such as butterflies and moths. The campsis radican is a particular favourite!


Find the perfect plant to encourage wildlife into your garden with our Plant Finder. Our interactive touch screen kiosks can provide you with in depth information of any plant including where to plant, soil type and growth rate!

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