Time to plant!

Now the long winter is over, we should all have a spring in our step! The garden is bursting into life and it’s the perfect time to start planting for the seasons ahead.

Here’s a few of our favourites to add to your garden this spring!


For a sea of instant colour in your garden, add an array of spring bedding plants! We love Petunia’s – their big, beautiful flowers create a superb spectacle when planted in groups. Our team also love Viola’s, Bellis and Pansies – perfect for any spring container or garden bed!

Plant Beautiful blooms

Summer-flowering bulbs provide the biggest, best and most exotic-looking blooms and now is the time plant them! Our plant expert Fiona loves Begonias, Dahlias and Alliums – perfect for adding pops of colours to your borders.

plant Your own veg

Growing your own vegetables is fun, easy and extremely satisfying. Grafted vegetable plants combine the best fruiting varieties and graft them onto vigorous-growing root stocks. Perfect when growing space is a premium, often more disease resistant and produce a much higher yield.

plant Cottage Garden classics

Planting a cluster of herbaceous perennials now such as Phlox and Rudbeckias will create the relaxed planting style of a cottage garden in time for summer, that not only looks fantastic but is easy to maintain too!




Planting with Peat-Free

Peat-free compost is a totally natural and eco-friendly compost which is made from recycled garden materials including bark, wood fibre and coir, that is not only great for your garden but great for the environment too.

And with peat becoming a limited resource across the world, many gardeners are beginning to opt for a peat-free alternative.


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