Grow Your Own Potatoes

Nothing tastes better than fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs grown in your own garden! Not only is it a fantastic way to save money but growing your own produce is extremely rewarding and great fun!

Why not have a go at growing your own potatoes this year? They’re one of the most versatile vegetables and they’re really easy to grow. Whether you’re an experienced grower or a complete novice, take a look at our hints and tips to help you grown your own!

Here’s our six-step guide to growing potatoes

  1. Choose your seed potatoes from our fantastic range in store. We recommend Charlotte, which is a stunning second early salad potato.
  2. ‘Chit’ your spuds by standing the potatoes in an egg box on a windowsill, with the end containing most eyes facing upwards.
  3. Place in a cool, light and airy spot to ensure the sprouts are strong enough when planting.
  4. Leave your spuds until the shoots grow to roughly 2 inches, which will take up around 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. Plant out in late March or April, depending upon the weather.
  6. When the shoots are about 9 inches long, pull soil up around the shoots, known as ‘earthing up’, which will keep the developing tubers in the dark.

When to harvest

  1. Harvest first earlies when the flowers open and the potatoes are the size of an egg at the end of May to July.
  2. Second earlies will be ready in June to August.
  3. Maincrops are ready to harvest when the top growth turns yellow in about September to October. REMEMBER, even if you’re short of space, you can grow your potatoes in containers.

Our favourite seed potatoes VARIETIES

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