Get the most out of your plug plants


Spring is here and we know we’re not the only ones itching to get out in the garden and get growing! From March onwards, our plug plants begin arriving in store and so our expert Plant team have pulled together some essential information for beginner gardeners. Keep reading to find out how to get the best out your plug plants this season!


What is a plug plant?

Plug plants are professionally grown young seedlings that are well established but not yet fully grown. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, mastering the early stages of plant life can be tricky and plug plants can help reduce the hassle and stress that comes with growing from seed.



Our Teams Top tips for plug plants

Water, water, water

Don’t let your young plant dry out. Your plug plant is still in the early stages of life and water is a key part of its growth. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend feeling the soil regularly with your fingers to check moisture levels. If the soil is dry and crumbly, your plant needs watering, if the soil is moist and damp your plant is happy!

Harden off before taking the plunge

It’s really important to acclimatise your plants so they can withstand colder temperatures before you place them in their permanent position outside. To harden off, place your plants out during the day and take them inside when temperatures drop in the evenings. Alternatively, you can keep your plants in a greenhouse or cold frame but beware of frosts as freezing temperatures can cause significant damage.

Let the sun shine

Ensure your plant gets plenty of sun. Lack of light levels can cause leggy plants meaning weaker stems and less flowers or fruits! A sunny windowsill, greenhouse or cold frame will do the job nicely!

Pot on when your plant is ready

We recommend taking your plug plants out of their containers and potting them up as soon as they are ready. Handling seedlings that aren’t strong enough can cause damage to their root system. We advise waiting until your plant has at least 3 sets of true leaves before you begin handling it and potting on. Remember to be gentle as your plant is still growing!

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