Feeding Wild Birds in Winter

Feeding the birds in winter, when the days are short and food supplies are scarce, offers a lifeline to our feathered friends whilst also rewarding us with welcome visits to our garden. As a nation, we love to feed birds so why not join in and follow our simple guide to wild bird food and bird feeders!

Which bird feeder and what food?


Use Gardman’s heavy duty seed feeder for energy-rich sunflower seeds – a year round staple – great for attracting green finches and house sparrows. Hang in a tree or as part of a selection of different feeders on a feeding station.


Perfect for peanuts high in energy to birds in winter, a wire mesh feeder like the black steel peanut feeder from Gardman will allow the birds to cling to the feeder, like they do to trees, and peck away at the peanuts. Birds including wood peckers and nut hatches will be grateful for this food source. Again these can be hung or as part of a selection on a feeding station.


For tiny Nyjer seeds, use the flip top Nyjer seed feeder from Gardman. Easy to use with attached hangers which can be placed anywhere around your garden, they are perfect for feeding narrow-billed finches like Gold Finches.


For many species, fat balls are a wonderful high energy treat in winter when the days are short and food is scarce. You can hang them in trees but they may end up feeding squirrels instead so a sturdy feeder with a strong metal cage construction will do the job. Look for our squirrel proof fat ball feeder from Tom Chambers.

Raised platforms for ground feeding birds

Some birds such as robins, blackbirds and dunnocks are ground feeders so the best way to help feed these birds is with a bird table. Because it’s raised from the ground, you’ll be keeping them safe from predators such as cats whilst ensuring they are well fed in winter.

Birds need a fresh water supply

And don’t forget a fresh water supply for drinking and bathing, an important part of their daily routine. In cold temperatures, water sources may freeze so a fresh supply every day is important during the harsh winter months.

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