Autumn has arrived and it’s a busy time for gardeners! This season is packed with colour, texture and impact. The milder temperatures present a perfect time to get out in the garden as the soil is still warm and damp, making it a wonderful time to plant your evergreen shrubs and trees!

To celebrate the season of burgundy and copper colours, we’ve put together some of our favourite deciduous plants that offer stunning arrays colour throughout Autumn!

So, if you’re looking to add some seasonal impact to your garden this year, here’s some inspiration from our team!

Euonymus Alatus

More commonly recognised as the burning bush, this deciduous shrub is perfect for providing winter interest. This large, spreading shrub boasts rich green leaves that turn into a rosy crimson as the seasons change and is a generally low maintenance plant for your outdoor space.

Cornus Sibirica

Known for its stunning red stems, this shrub is sure to add a boost of colour to your garden in Autumn. Make this shrub into a feature in your outdoor area and plant it against an evergreen back drop to enjoy a contrast of dazzling colours.

Liquidambar Styraciflua

It’s easy to spot an American sweetgum tree wherever you are! Look for its five pointed star shaped leaves that look similar to a maple leaf. Enjoy it’s brilliant long lasting Autumn colour throughout the season.


As well as being one of the first to flower in Spring, the Amelanchier Tree provides stunning orange, red and yellow tones as the seasons turn colder. Edible black berries further enhance its beauty in early Winter and are well loved by local wildlife!


Autumn is an ideal time to plant in clay soil whilst the earth is still warm and damp. Winter and early Spring temperatures can cause your clay soil to harden making it more difficult to work with.

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