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Houseplant Trends for 2023

We love houseplants!

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your existing collection or starting your indoor garden from scratch, we know that there’s a plant to fit any space! With the growing popularity of houseplants, our team of experts have spotted this years trends and pulled together some information on plants that are very likely to be popular in 2023.


Pretty in pink! Our houseplant experts have determined that pink is going to be one of the biggest trends in houseplants this year. We noticed the Philodendron Pink Princess flew of the shelves in 2022 and we can only expect that to keep happening as pink plants become more popular. There’s no better way to add a pop of colour to your collection than adding a stunning dash of bright pink leaves.


Whether they’re catching insects with their shapetexture or movement, these plants are sure to be one of the more unusual additions in your collection and are becoming increasingly popular in the houseplant community. We love the Nepenthes alata, their unusual hanging pitchers are speckled and slender, allowing them to catch their prey, be it ants, wasps or flies! They’re scarily spectacular.


Holey Moley! Species of plants that have big, showy splits and slits are extremely appealing to most plant collectors. Not only are they visually impactful but it’s relatively uncommon in your everyday houseplant. One of the most sought-after split leafed houseplants of recent years is the Monstera Monkey Mask. This eye-catching climbing evergreen is very easy-to-grow and a favourite of many interior designers, Instagrammers and homeowners alike!


Houseplants with variegated leaves are set to be extremely popular for 2023 – if you can get your hands on one that is! Their unique stripes and spots can vary in shades from whiteredpink and hues of green. These plants and their striking leaf patterns are sure to create a focal point in your home whether hanging from a shelf, placed on a mantlepiece or centred on your coffee table. One of our favourites is the Spathiphyllum Diamond. We’re sure your guests will be impressed by it’s unusual, dramatic leaf colours!


Large, floor standing houseplants are perfect for creating a statement piece in your home and bring liveliness, atmosphere and colour into your living spaces. You can use them in a variety of indoor décor themes especially in the living room corners where you have tall walls and bright light.

There’s so many tall specimens to love such as the popular Dracaena, the resilient Yucca plant or exotic Areca Palm but our team have chosen the Ficus as the must-have tall plant for this year.


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