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JOBS FOR September

The seasons are changing! Although the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, September is the perfect time to plant and give your garden a good tidy ready for the colder months ahead! Check out the hints and tips our team of garden experts have recommended for you to do this month in your garden!

Plant spring bulbs

Our spring flowering bulbs will start arriving in store and the choice is wonderful. Whether itʼs tulips, daffodils or snowdrops, these wonders work their magic over winter to bring a colourful display. We recommend planting in bulb fibre to encourage fast root growth.

Add structure and shape

Now is the time to add shape and structure to your garden with hardy shrubs such as Aucuba and Hebes! Planting now gives their roots time to establish over the colder months and ensures strong, healthy new growth in spring!

Protect wildlife

Offer refuge for garden birds through the winter by providing a healthy supply of food and water. Feed our feathery friends with a high energy diet including soft crumb mix and suet balls over the coming months and reap the rewards with a wildlife haven in your garden.

Tidy your borders

Autumn provides an ideal opportunity to give your borders a good tidy. Dig up annuals, remove any weeds and spread compost or well-rotted manure over the soil to insulate plant roots!

Start pruning

Prune your shrubs and trees now to avoid them losing shape when the winter gales and heavy frosts set in. Not only will they come back stronger next year but will allow you to remove any damage or disease before it spreads to the rest of your garden.

Revive your lawn

Give your lawn a pick-me-up and prepare it for winter by feeding it with Aftercut All-in-One Autumn. This will help your lawn recover from the summer stress and replace the nutrients removed by mowing. Itʼs the best time to overseed, as the warm soil temperatures create ideal conditions for germination!

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