Planting themes for your garden

Structure, form and shape are all extremely important when it comes to the overall design of our garden, and it’s important to get it right if you’re keen to stick to a theme – but who said it can’t be exciting?

Whether you’re looking to incorporate more sustainable practices in your space, or just need a helping hand on how to get started, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite planting methods for you to use in your garden this summer! Ps… we’ve also suggested some top plants that’ll help you achieve your desired theme, too!

Edimental Plants

Grow your own and enjoy a happy harvest all summer long. Edimental plants provide both an edible yield AND have an ornamental appeal, too! Plants like fennel and nasturtiums not only taste good, but look good. We also love blue kale with it’s striking textured leaves and not to mention apple and pear trees with their stunning blossoms throughout the spring.



Apple Blossom

Low maintenance

Not only do low maintenance plants mean you can sit back and relax whilst nature does it’s thing in your garden, but leaving areas of your garden to look after themselves positively impacts biodiversity and allows wildlife habitats to remain untouched.


Cone Flower

Ornamental Grasses

Wilding for wildlife

Embrace pretty wildflowers and wait for the magic to happen! Why not create an area in your garden dedicated entirely to wildlife? Recently, we’ve seen a rise in wildflower meadows and patches in our communities, so why not try it at home! Sow a small patch of wildflowers and let them grow wild, our pollinators will LOVE it – and it will look incredible too.



Oxeye Daisy

Cottage gardens

Hollyhock, dahlia, lupins and delphiniums are all well sought after and much-loved plants for an appealing, cottage display. Informal planting structure is much more common in cottage themes, but as a general rule of thumb, stick to pastels, pinks and whites for a romantic look. This theme is definitely one for the gram!




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