Plant the Perfect Autumn Basket with Joe


Follow Joe’s five step guide showing you how to create beautiful seasonal displays with bright colours and fantastic foliage to add interest to your garden throughout the season!

Step 1

Firstly, choose your basket – I use a wicker one when creating my autumn baskets! I then fill it with a good quality compost such as Tong’s Multi-Purpose Compost – perfect for hanging baskets!

Step 2

I always underplant my autumn baskets with my favourite miniature bulbs such as Daffodil Tete-a-Tete or Tulip Red Riding. They are great for giving you an extra flush of colour as your other flowers begin to fade!

Step 3

For a great looking basket, it’s important to position your plants evenly. I picture my basket having three points – like a triangle – and position my plants at those points. I love to use trailing Ivy or trailing Ajuga to provide fantastic texture with their beautiful hanging foliage.

Step 4

I love to have a centrepiece to my baskets so I plant a miniature Euonymus or a dwarf Conifer in the centre to add height and presence to my basket.

Step 5

To finish off my baskets, I fill in the gaps with my favourites such as Primulas, Pansies, Cyclamen and Violas to add a splash of instant autumn colour!

Joe’s Shopping list


Daffodil Tete-a-Tete
Tulip Red Riding


Trailing Ivy
Trailing Ajuga



Get to Know Joe

Our planting expert, Joe, has been here at Tong for almost 7 years and appointed plant supervisor in 2015. Joe previously enjoyed a long and successful career in horticulture, spanning over 35 years as part of the plant buying team for Morrisons. He has travelled the world sourcing product including trips to Africa, Spain, Italy and Egypt – to name but a few!

Joe’s passion for plants doesn’t just lie within work! He enjoys planting up in his spare time, creating beautiful displays for his own garden and loves a trip to a flower show!

Joe is an expert when it comes to planting up containers and baskets, whatever the season! He creates hundreds of customer orders over the summer months and loves nothing more than when his returning customers show him how well their baskets and containers are doing!

Joe is always on hand to help and share his expert advice. Be sure to say hello next time you’re in store!

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