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Outdoor Lighting

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Prolong those evenings in the garden with some stylish and practical lighting. Whether it’s fairy lights, lanterns, or a contemporary firepit, let your garden glow in the night with bright lighting ideas.

Go Wireless

Lighting in your garden has numerous benefits – it adds style, creates ambience and provides security for your home. There are now new and creative ways to light up your garden so forget about untangling wires or finding a plug socket – it’s time to go wireless!

Pick the best way to make the most of your outdoor space by checking out the benefits of solar powered battery operated lights.

Eureka NeonEsque Lightbulbs

Ivy String Lights

Wall, Fence & Post Light 3L

Martini Nickel Stake Light

Benefits of Solar Lighting

No wiring required
Long lasting LEDs
Long run time
Timer function

Benefits of Battery Lighting

Extremely safe to use
No electrical output restrictions
Energy efficient
Can be placed anywhere

Add a little style to your walkway, patio or decking with marker lights- ideal for illuminating your garden at night.

Wrap string lights around the trunk or branches of a tree to add drama to an outside space.

Drape fairy lights between trees or along a fence to add some magic to your garden.

Placing hanging lights from trees, shrubs or sheds is a wonderful way to create a relaxing ambience in your garden.

Arrange lanterns in threes or fives to bring the glow of candles into your outdoor space.

Keep hold of the warmth this summer as you cosy up with the family or enjoy a drink with friends.

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