Our Top 5 Sun Loving Plants


Beat the heat and create your dream garden with our team here at Tong Garden Centre’s top five sun loving plants!

The glorious sunshine we have had this summer maybe great for us but not for our gardens. With the high summer heat set to continue, drought-proof your garden with a selection of sun loving plants. The team here at Tong have selected a wide variety of plants that will positively thrive in these sunny conditions. Pick your favourites!


Sedums, Tong’s Plant of the Month, are extremely versatile, drought-tolerant, and easy-to-grow perennials needing very little, if any, care. Nearly impervious to heat, drought, and disease they can look fantastic in a border or a rockery.


Every garden should contain at least one Buddleja! A magnet for bees and butterflies, Buddlejas should be planted in a warm, sunny position and in free-draining soil. Once established these gorgeous and fragrant shrubs are a must in your garden!


Roses crave sunshine! Roses are extremely versatile and hardy plants that can be planted in a variety of positions but for your roses to really flourish, a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight is a must. Give your roses a good soaking once a week and watch them become a show-stopper in your garden!


Ideal for a sunny spot in your garden, Heleniums will soak up the sun and add an abundance of colour to your beds, borders and containers. Better known as ‘Sneezeweed,’ it’s shuttlecock shaped blooms need a good water once a week making them a perfect addition to your garden during this heatwave!


Flamboyant and fancy, dahlias love the heat! Perfect for pots and containers, these beautiful show flowers only need a good water once a week and will flower all summer long!