Our new Spooky Town Range for Halloween

The villagers of Spooky Town took the phrase ‘rest in pieces’ a little too literally! In this frightful village you’ll find fang-tastic scenes of ghoulish misbehaving. Head to the ‘Zombie Jazz Café’ for a witch’s brew before making your way to the to the ‘Horrid Haunted Hotel’…perhaps you’ll venture to the ‘Creatures of the Night Pet Shop’ too, but whatever you do, don’t end up at the ‘Mystery Meat Canning Company’…something spooky is going on down there!

Zombie Jazz Café

Haunting melodies accompanied by an eerie ambiance set the stage for an unforgettable trip to the Zombie Jazz Café! Open all night long for spooky partying, enjoy a ‘witches brew’ with a goblin or two!

Mystery Meat Canning Co

A chilling twist on “mystery meat”. Gruesome scenes of ghostly workers and a blood-dripping cooler hint at the product’s quality. If you head inside, we’re not sure you’ll come out alive!

Creatures of the Night Pet Shop

Spooky Town’s go-to for all things pet-related, from minotaur treats to vampire bat cages and exotic pets from Transylvania and Bermuda Triangle are available to buy. Can you spot the awfully adorable Werewolf puppies in the window?

The Horrid HAunted Hotel

The top choice for accommodation in spine-chilling Spooky Town. There are plenty of rooms inside, but it’s best to not disturb the neighbours. Your concierge Grim Reaper will ensure you have a peaceful night’s rest. Checking out might be trickier than checking in!

Apparition Academy

Perfect your disembodied voice at the premier school for new ghosts. Signs and studious ghosts outside reveal the vigorous training process. Please note, no living forms allowed.

Gothic Hills Funeral Parlor

The undead’s ultimate hangout! Currently closed for the skeletons party. Party buffet includes literal spare ribs and finger sandwiches. The addition of Gargoyles and detailed terrorific decor make it a must-have for Spooky Town.

Spooky Town at Tingley

Why not visit our display at Tingley Garden Centre, too? With haunting pieces and eerie hidden skeletons, see if you can spot the difference between our two halloween displays!

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