JOBs FOR March

The shorter days are almost behind us and spring is in the air!

Your garden is bursting into life, it’s a time for new growth and fresh ideas as the frequent sunny days provide the opportunity to really start enjoying being outside – whether you’re planting spring bedding, growing your own or giving your lawn it’s first mow!

Nourish your soil

Nourish your soil by adding new compost or farmyard manure to your beds and borders to prepare your soil for the season ahead. This will help add much-needed nutrients back into the soil so you’re ready for planting.

Plant spring bedding

Plant spring flowering bedding such as Primulas, Pansies and Violas to really brighten up your beds, borders and baskets. Our Primroses are locally grown and come in a range of vivid colours – perfect to celebrate the coming of spring!

Feed your plants

Give your plants the best start this season by applying a good feed now. Westland’s Fish, Blood and Bone all purpose plant food is an easy to use, organic based feed that will help your plants flourish for the new season.

Time for a mow

If the weather is mild then get ready to give your lawn its first mow! Just make sure you pick a warm, dry day and ensure the blades are set higher than usual.

Grow your own

The satisfaction of growing your own produce is unmatched for any gardener! And whether you’re sowing in a greenhouse or directly into the ground, now is the perfect time to turn your hand to growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Control those pests

Keep an eye out for slugs, aphids and other pests as the weather starts to get warmer! Slugs favour soft new ground so we’d recommend the Vitax Slug Gone Wood Pellets to ensure your plants are protected, plus it’s an organic way to control those pesky slugs! 


It’s worth using a mulch such as bark and landscape fabric to help supress weeds, preventing them from taking hold once everything starts to grow. Most weeds are easier to control when they are young so remove any that start to show as it will save you a lot of time in the future!

plant perennials

Now is an ideal time to plant herbaceous perennials, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. You can also lift and divide established perennial plants now to improve their vigour and create new plants for your garden.

Clean your paths and patios

A spring clean is in order! Achieve a picturesque patio by applying Algon’s organic path, patio and decking cleaner which will help remove any moss and green algae that has built up over winter.

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