JOE BAGLEY’s Favourite Houseplants

Our Houseplant department hosts a plethora of colourful indoor plants in a variety of patterns, textures, shapes and sizes – we think it’s safe to say we LOVE houseplants! And though it seems impossible to select a handful of our favourites, Joe Bagley our friend and Gardener’s World presenter, has done just that!


I love this trailing vine with its beautiful heart shaped leaves. I recommend letting it trail down a bookshelf or windowsill to help you achieve that jungle look!


Small but mighty, the leaves of the Pilea are round, glossy and believed to bring good luck to whoever touches them!


One of my all time favourites and more commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera develops quirky looking leaf fenestrations as it grows.


Also known as the ‘Bunny Ears Cactus’ (and it’s clear to see why!), this quirky cacti is a real showstopper. But, don’t be fooled by it’s cute nickname – it’s particularly prickly!

Snake Plant

I think every indoor plant collector needs at least one snake plant! Its stiff, sword like leaves can range from five inches to five feet tall and can maintain any level of light. I recommend popping yours in a dark corner of the house to add a much needed dose of greenery


A bright spot will guarantee a happy Aloe Vera plant! With prickly succulent leaves arranged in a rosette shape, the leaves grow tall and outwards and will appreciate a sunny windowsill!

Check out Joe Bagley’s indoor jungle – we’re green with envy!

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