How to keep your baskets beautiful!

Hanging baskets are a delightful addition to any garden or outdoor space, bringing vibrant colours and cascading foliage that create show-stopping displays wherever they hang! During the summer months, Yorkshire’s warm weather offers the perfect conditions for basket flowers to thrive and with the proper care, your hanging basket can bloom well into the changing season.

1. Regular watering

Summer heat can dry a hanging basket out quickly, so regular watering is essential! Water them thoroughly every day during sunny spells, ensuring the water reaches the roots, and allow any excess to drain away. Aim to water in the early morning or evening to minimise evaporation.

2. A weekly feed

Hanging baskets benefit from regular feeding to replenish essential nutrients. We recommend using the Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed which guarantees 4 x more blooms. Use your plant food once every two weeks (or follow the instructions on the label) to support healthy growth and vibrant blooms!

3. Deadheading and pruning

To encourage continuous blooming, deadhead fading flowers regularly. Snip off spent blooms just above a set of healthy leaves or a bud. Additionally, trim back any leggy or overgrown foliage to maintain their compact and tidy appearance.

Michelle’s top tip!

If you’re jet setting away this summer and don’t have anyone to help water your hanging baskets, consider using a slow-release self-watering spike to keep your basket topped up. And, don’t forget to water your hanging basket and give it some plant food before you leave for your holidays.





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