Grow Your Own Festive Treats


The sun may still be shining but, with a little bit of skill and good timing, you could be serving your dinner guest’s tasty new potatoes on Christmas Day. 

Follow our step by step guide to enjoy your delicious home-grown spuds this festive season.


  1. To have your potatoes for Christmas Day, you’ll need to plant them in August. Dig over the area removing any weeds and mix in a well-rotted compost and a general fertiliser.
  2. Plant your potatoes in the soil approximately 10cm deep and 20cm apart in a row.
  3. Autumn can be a dry season so ensure your potatoes are well watered. However, avoid getting the leaves wet as this could encourage Blight and wipe out your harvest.


  1. Place around 10cm of a good quality multi-purpose compost in the base of your container or potato bag. Ensure the compost is damp before placing your tubers on top, evenly spacing them out. The number of tubers you can plant will be determined by the size of your container. Pop in store and ask a member of our team if you have any questions!
  2. Cover with another 10cm of compost and water occasionally but be careful to not allow it to become water-logged otherwise this will increase the risk of disease and rot.
  3. Once the plants reach approximately 10cm, add more compost. When the plants have grown through the compost, then repeat the process and continue to do this until the container is full.

Your potatoes should be ready to harvest in approximately 12 weeks after being planted. Remember, you only need to harvest when required as the remained can be left in situ for up to a month. If you have grown your potatoes in a container or a potato bag, then you should move them to a frost-frost free area, such as a conservatory, for Christmas harvesting.

Come check out our fabulous range in store and have your very own delicious new potatoes ready in time for Christmas!

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