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Whether you’re in the gas or charcoal camp, you’re in luck!

Taste tests indicate there’s no significant flavour difference either way. Charcoal does not impart any flavour to the food, it’s the food juices hitting the hot surfaces that gives the BBQ taste. But we all agree, cooking outdoors on a BBQ means less fuss, less fat and lots more flavour!

Why gas?

The easy use and fully controlled instant heat offered by gas barbecues make them practical for even the smallest outdoor spaces and any level of expertise. Whether you’re in a hurry or time is on your side, whether you have a big party or little mouths to feed, at the push of a button you’re ready to cook!

Why charcoal?

Barbecuing with charcoal is the most authentic and sensory way of barbecuing. It’s almost like going back to the roots… set up a fire, smell the smoke, hear the cracking of the briquettes… be one with nature. This is barbecuing at its finest and gives you that perfect sociable centerpiece for your garden for parties or family get togethers. Also, by wood smoking you can give your tasty treats a delicious, and unique, taste!


Whatever is on the menu, a Weber Barbecue is an essential part of your summer kit and with the right accessories, you can cook just about anything! After all, the pleasure of cooking Alfresco NEVER fades!


Summer isn’t complete without it! Whether it’s the kids begging for burgers or the guys craving steak, sizzling seafood or even a Sunday roast, a Weber Barbecue is the essential piece of kit!

In fact, you can cook just about anything on a Weber barbeque, it’s all about having the right equipment. Spare ribs, rotisserie chicken, home-baked pizza, even waffles and chocolate brownies – with the right accessories, you can upgrade your barbeque.

So, whether you love cooking over the coals or cooking on gas, the Weber-trained team in store at Tong Garden Centre are experts, all set to inspire and inform you about the endless possibilities you can enjoy from the Weber range!

Also, to tantalise your taste buds, make sure you have a read of this tasty recipe from Weber for their famous Beer Can Chicken!!


German Celebrity TV Chef Martin Baudrexel shares how to make the most of your sausages

Sinking your teeth into a sizzling sausage fresh from the barbecue is a universal pleasure. From the sweet and smoky notes of an Italian salsiccia to Britain’s classic bangers and mash, the smouldering heat of the barbecue brings out the best flavours from every meat.

“The authenticity is great: it’s going back to the roots of grilling,” says Martin Baudrexel.

As one of Germany’s top television chefs with credits across the nation’s most important networks, Baudrexel knows his wieners from his wursts. It’s an art as well as science. Many cultures across Europe have age-old traditions and regional specialities when it comes to preparing, grilling and serving sausages.

Baudrexel offered up his top tips on making the most of your grill. “With sausages, you should start with low heat, and then end with a higher heat that will leave a nice sear for taste and colour,” he advises. “Ignite a few briquettes and let them gradually light the surrounding briquettes, like a domino effect. Misnimise the amount of air you let into the barbecue, as too much air will pusj up the temperature.”


Many crave the nostalgia of old-school charcoal, and high-quality briquettes offer a longer-term burn that distributes the heat evenly without compromising the fresh, smoky flavour of a spicy merguez or a hearty kielbasa. From England to Italy and from Poland to Spain, the appeal of a charcoal grill is universal.

Baudrexel confirms, “You have wonderful gas grills these days which deliver amazing results, but I prefer the smoky flavour which grilling on briquettes imparts to the sausages.”

“I like to use a chimney starter when getting my briquettes ready, because it is so fast and effective,” he says. The aerated chamber in the Rapidfire Chimney Starter keeps the fire burning below your briquettes as they heat up, and the sturdy handle protects your hands while transferring the coals from the cylinder into the barbecue.

“If you want to do longer cooking sessions like smoking these sausages, you need to use good-quality fuel that burns steadily over a longer period of time,” says Baudrexel.

Now let’s get grilling!