Happy National BBQ Month

The month of May marks the beginning of happy alfresco days spent in the garden! And, to celebrate we’ve invited our best suppliers to our centres to cook up a storm and sample a selection of delicious BBQ favourites for you to try!

Plus, when you join us on the day of our demonstrations, you can enjoy 10% off barbecue accessories too – what a great way to kick off the BBQ season and get you set for hosting all summer long.

Join us and try our barbecues for yourself!

BBQ Demonstrations across Yorkshire Garden Centres…

Built for the SEARious grillers, Broil-King reigns supreme with rugged durability, powerful performance, and innovative features that turn every alfresco gathering into a culinary delight!

Grill the Weber way and elevate your garden parties with iconic kettle designs and precision engineering. Weber grills are known for their endless possibilities – be it sizzling steaks, smoky barbecues or rotisserie chicken, make those outdoor get-togethers unforgettable this summer.

Pioneering the wood pellet grill revolution, Traeger blends the rich, smoky flavour of real hardwood with modern convenience, creating a grilling experience that’s as easy as it is delicious and transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary feasts! Join the Traegerhood and achieve that distinctive woodfired flavour the next time you barbecue.

How do you barbecue?

Cooking up a storm…


Pork shoulders, beef brisket or fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are all ideal for smoking as their fat molecules really take on that delicious smoky flavour. Choose a good quality smoking wood and add it to your lit coals, it will really enhance the flavour of your cooking!


This is a high heat method that is used to cook small and thin pieces of food quickly. We recommend steaks, chops, chicken breasts, breads and vegetables when cooking on direct heat. Don’t forget to use a high quality cooking oil to ensure your food doesn’t stick to the grill.

Indirect Grilling

Indirect grilling is easy! Simply place your food next to the fire and close the grill lid, this holds in the heat and turns your grill into an ‘outdoor oven’ making it ideal for cooking larger foods such as whole chickens, beef briskets or ribs.

Happy grilling!

WARNING – delicious content lies below…

It’s time to put your barbecue into action and try some of our favourite recipes created by the grill masters themselves! Click below to unlock a host of delicious recipes…

Enjoy 10% off barbecue accessories when you join us in store on our demonstration days!

Get saucy!

Don’t forget to browse our fantastic range of sauces, marinades and rubs to turn up the heat on your barbecue favourites! We love the Cottage Delight BBQ Legends gift set – it’s ideal for foodies!

Tasty local produce

Browse our fantastic range of meat from Yorkshire Wold Butchery, available at Tong Garden Centre. Producing top quality local produce, we think you’ll find everything you need for your barbecue in store!

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