Dazzling Dahlias!


From dinner plate dahlias that carry huge blooms to round pompon and spikey cactus varieties, dahlias are blooming beautiful flowers that bring riots of colour to your garden at the height of summer through to late autumn. Loved widely amongst many gardeners, we think everyone should dedicate a dahlia to their outdoor space!

Team Tong’s plant department have fondly selected their top six varieties, the ones we think you just can’t do without!

Our Top Six Dahlias

Café au lait

A timeless classic. The creamy petals of this dinnerplate dahlia bring a luxurious, showy feel to your garden and is a much loved variety amongst many gardeners.

Arabian Night

Exotic and extravagant! The velvety, rich reds of the Arabian night dahlia bring a unique, dramatic look to your pots and planters.

Yellow Galator

Sunshine in the form of a flower! This pretty cactus dahlia has stunning bright yellow blooms that will truly lift your patios pots and beds.

Mexican Star

These unique dahlias bear chocolate scented flowers that last all summer long! Enjoy the sweet scent of chocolate whilst admiring pretty blooms – what’s not to love?

gallery bellini

Be pretty in pink! This low growing, bushy dahlia is ideal for the fronts of borders, creating a soft pink edging to your beds.


Be bold and brilliant! The bright petals of the Gwyneth dahlia bring vivid orange blooms that fade into pale yellow at the base. This variety is particularly ideal for taking cuttings.

Head to our outdoor plants department and browse our colourful selection of dazzling dahlias!

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Teams Top Tip!


Dahlias make excellent cut flowers. Use a sharp tool to cut the stem and place into water immediately. If you catch them just before they bloom, you’ll be rewarded with their huge flowers for up to 5 days!

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