Top four Chelsea Flower Show trends to try at home

If, like the rest of the nation, you’ve been watching the Chelsea Flower Show this week and you’re feeling utterly inspired by the beautiful gardens, we’ve put together some of our top four Chelsea trends that you can try at home this summer in order to achieve your own award winning space!

Considering Wildlife

Creating your own wildlife haven is easily achievable as well as being extremely beneficial to our planet. This year Chelsea Flower Show gardens have had a huge focus on the natural world with many presenting ways in which we can persuade wildlife into our spaces. Colourful blooms will create precious nectar for our pollinators as well as attracting beneficial insects that help to naturally deter pests, along with bird feeding stations to encourage welcome visits from our feathered friends, you can easily create a wildlife friendly space by making a few simple changes.

The changing climate

As the climate changes, so must our gardens. In recent years, dry spells have become much more common, and with it comes the need to water our gardens more frequently. With even more hosepipe bans expected throughout the hot summer months, choosing to add drought tolerant plants to your garden is a reliable way to minimise wasting a precious recourse, saving you pennies and helping you work smarter by adapting to the conditions of your space. Here are some of favourite drought loving plants you can add to your garden this season!


Lavender has to be one of our favourite drought tolerant plants! This hardy shrub is able to withstand high temperatures and dry soil conditions whilst still producing beautiful heavily scented flowers.


Available in an array of colours, Achillea is a beautiful herbaceous plant that will thrive in full sun or semi-shady areas. Be sure not to plant your Achillea in soil that can become waterlogged as they do not like wet conditions.


The flowers of the Echinacea are extremely long lasting, flowering from early summer through to Autumn, these beautiful plants are ideal for British gardens that often experience dry spells.

Restorative spaces

Gardening for our wellbeing is so important! Not only can looking after our gardens help keep you physically fit but it can also help look after our mental health too! Sitting back and relaxing in your space will do wonders for your wellbeing. We’ve highlighted just some of the ways you can add tranquillity to your space below.

Indoor gardening

Taking your garden indoors is a trend that has been on the rise over the past few years. Houseplants can add greenery to your space, brighten up the dull corners of your room and help clean the air by adding fresh oxygen to your surroundings.

Pretty pots

Choosing the right pot is just as important as finding the right plant for your space! Make the step-up from the standard plant pot with a stylish upgrade that will not only enhance your houseplant but elevate your home’s décor –  these pots from Ivyline are ideal!

Spikey Statements

Cacti come in many weird and wonderful shapes! They are very low maintenance, look fantastic and perfect for your first houseplant! Group a number of these little beauties together to create a little spectacle in your home.

Holey moley

Species of plants that have big, showy slits are extremely appealing to plant collectors. Not only are they visually impactful but it’s relatively uncommon in your everyday houseplant. One of the most sought-after split leafed houseplants of recent years is the Monstera Monkey Mask – it’s easy to grow and extremely Instagramable!

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