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Our Top 6 Alpine Plants

Alpine plants are a stunning addition to any garden, offering a touch of wild beauty and exceptional resilience in our everchanging climate! Mostly low growing, compact plants with tiny jewel like flowers, Alpines are great plants collect to build an array of greenery in your space!

So, whether you have a rocky landscape, a sunny spot with well-draining soil or you’re looking to add some smaller containers of colour to your space, alpines can bring a burst of cheerful charm to your garden all year round. We’ve selected our top six spectacular alpines below…


Aubrieta is a cascading alpine that creates a beautiful carpet of flowers in vibrant shades of purple, pink, and blue. This evergreen perennial is perfect for draping over rock walls or spilling out of containers, adding a touch of colour to your garden in early spring.

Alpine Aster

The daisy-like flowers of the alpine aster are so sweet! Perfect for a cottage garden, this clump forming perennial can grow up to 25cm in height and forms a mat of charming purple petals. They come into flower in midsummer making them a great choice for adding a sprinkle of colour to your pots and containers.


Lewisia is a captivating alpine plant with its trumpet-shaped apricot flowers! This evergreen perennial thrives in sunny spots with well-draining soil and is perfect for attracting a host of pollinators to your space.


Saxifraga, or rockfoil, comes in a variety of colours and shapes, adding versatility to your alpine garden. From sunny spots to shaded areas, there’s a Saxifraga variety for every corner of your garden!


Alchemilla blankets the ground with a profusion of beautiful lime green mounds. This low maintenance plant thrives in sunny locations and well-draining soil. We recommend adding Alchemilla to borders with plenty of colour to establish a contract of colours and creating a striking display!


The nodding bell shaped flower heads of the campanula alpine are ideal for bringing colour to dull areas of the garden. Cascading down walls, pots or spilling out of borders, this plant loves to spread out and create a mass of purple ground covering flowers.


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