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We strongly believe a day in the garden is a day well spent! And no matter how big or small your patch, adding summer bedding plants to your space is a fantastic way to instantly brighten your garden by adding bold and bright colour as well as new textures and summer scents to your pots, containers, hanging baskets, beds and borders!

Here are our top ten summer bedding plants chosen by the team at Yorkshire Garden Centres. Our favourites year after year, these showstoppers always provide beautiful blooms – it’s clear to see why these are some of our best sellers!


These sturdy, sun-loving plants are well suited to hot, dry conditions and flower throughout the summer months. Geraniums are extremely versatile and come in a range of beautiful colours including red, pink and white.

Whether you choose a trailing or upright variety, they are perfect for your beds, borders and summer hanging baskets!


It’s easy to see why Fuchsias are so popular amongst gardeners! They produce beautiful flowers throughout summer in a range of stunning shapes and sizes!

Fuchsia plants will grow happily in sun or partial shade and will fill your borders, bedswindow boxes, hanging baskets and containers with an abundance of summer colour!


Nemesia produce masses of pretty, two-tone flowers that make them a superb addition to any garden. Their amazing upright fragrant plants are compact in height and spread and are available in a huge range of colours making them ideal for low borders, flower beds and containers.


You can’t beat the beautiful, showy flowers of non-stop Begonias! Fantastic in pots, beds and hanging baskets, they come in a huge range of sizes and colours perfect for brightening up any garden or patio! Non-stop Begonias will bloom throughout summer and continue into early autumn!


A true classic, French Marigolds not only look fantastic but they’re brilliant for attracting bees and other beneficial insects to your garden! Their bountiful blooms will make a bright and beautiful display in your garden borders, beds and containers throughout the summer months!


Adored by many, trailing Lobelia plants are a summer essential! They’re perfect for creating a waterfall of vibrant colour from your hanging baskets and pots. Trailing Lobelia is so easy-to-grow, versatile and are guaranteed to look fresh all summer long!


Lovely trailing plants with masses of non-stop, small, vibrant blooms all summer, Million Bells come in a fantastic array of colours, perfect for hanging baskets, pots and window boxes! They produce masses of bell-shaped flowers in summer, which are incredibly floriferous and fast growing!


With numerous varieties available, Dahlia’s show stopping blooms will be take centre stage in your garden this summer. With their compact growth and large, colourful flowers, not only do they look amazing but they are also fantastic pollinators!


No summer garden is complete without Petunias! Their delicate flowers are versatile and come in a wide range of colours – a truly great all-round bedding plant! They are perfect for containers and hanging baskets and can hold their own in a mixed border.


We love Verbena too! Their large florets of small flowers in a staggering range of colours will make them a favourite in your garden this year. This attractive and drought resistant plant is loved by butterflies and is a summer stunner not to be missed!

Our Teams Top Tips


Deadheading your spent flowers will allow your plant to put energy into creating new blooms. Simply pick off any flowers that look like they’re fading or drooping slightly – it’s that easy!


Give your plants a new lease of life with the Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, guaranteed to give you 4x more blooms, fruits and vegetables. It’s ideal for all types of plants whether they’re in pots, hanging baskets or borders. Giving them a weekly feed means you’ll see happy plants in no time!


Hot sunny weather calls for a much needed water! Keep your plants well watered to avoid them drying out. It’s best to water first thing in the morning to give your plants a good soak before a day of heat. Or, we have a variety of drip feeders in store if you’re jet setting away and can’t water your plants for a few days!


Don’t plant out your bedding until the risk of frost has passed in your area! Summer bedding plants can die if they experience extreme frost. Check the forecast before you plant out and keep them in a greenhouse or cold frame if your area is due a bout of extremely cold weather.


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