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Gardening Trends For 2023

Spring is upon us and it’s almost time for us to get back out in our gardens! Our team of plant experts have put together some of their predictions for the gardening calendar this year! Here’s what they think gardeners will be up to in 2023


Sit out in the sunshine and relax in your safe space. The Bramblecrest Chedworth Double Cocoon is the ultimate restful retreat and a perfect way to take time for yourself, kick back and bask in your outdoor space.

Choose cheerful colours to plant in your garden! Bright and bold Dahlias will be a popular trend this year as well as Digitalis, Verbena Bonariensi and Marigolds, they’re perfect for adding a dash of colour and an injection of happiness to your space.

Add a touch of serenity to your space with a brand new water feature! The Genoa Cascade waterfall from Smart Garden will add tranquillity to your garden with it’s zen design and peaceful cascading water.


A rise of peat free compost usage is to be expected in 2023 as gardeners begin to make the choice of a more sustainable future. We stock several peat free compost packs in store across all of our centres, the New Horizon Peat Free All Plant Compost is a great choice and can be used on all plants in your garden.

Turn your waste into compost with a compost bin! From vegetable scraps to fallen leaves, grass cuttings and cardboard, you can turn your household waste into nutrient rich compost to use across your garden. Repurposing our waste saves on pennies whilst helping our planet out too!

Take advantage of the wet weather and collect and harvest your own rain water with a brand new water butt! Put the hosepipe down and use this natural method to water your garden – it’s perfect in the warmer months when the weather is hot and your garden is in need of a good drink! We recommend the Strata – 220L Ecomax Composter!


Adding a bug hotel to your garden offers a sheltered, safe space for minibeast to lay their eggs and remain out of danger from predators. Plus, inviting bugs such as Ladybirds, Spiders and Woodlice can help provide a natural defence against pests who like to feed on your plants! Follow our guide to build your own or browse our ranges in store!

Feed our feathery friends! Setting up a birdfeeder in your garden can offer a lifeline to our birds and will reward you with welcome garden visits, year after year! Offer foodfresh water and a safe space to rest and enjoy the relaxing sound of bird song.

Plant for Pollinators! Imagine if everyone who had a garden planted just one plant for a pollinating insect, that would provide so many opportunities for our wildlife to thrive! We love Echinacea for Butterflies and Dahlias for Bees!


Leave the bouquets at the supermarket and make this year the year you decide to grow your own cut flowers. Not much beats the feeling of harvesting a fresh bunch of homegrown Sweet peas and placing them in a vase inside – a beautiful scent and a wonderful sight too!

It’s no shock that gardeners are looking to grow their own produce at home, especially with the cost of living on the rise! Growing your own vegetables is inexpensive and can provide you with months of fresh produce, keeping our pennies in our pockets and our tummies full of healthy, homegrown goodness!

As well as veggies, you can grow your own fruit too! Whether you’re choosing to grow from seed or purchasing plug plants in store, growing fruit can be extremely easy! For beginners, we recommend Strawberries, Tomatoes and Blueberries! They’re super tasty and perfect for patio containers.


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