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On Friday 18th March 2022 we empowered our team to bring their whole self to work by taking part in ‘My Whole Self Day’, a campaign run by Mental Health First Aid England.

The campaign celebrates identity by sharing a photo of your authentic self, alongside facts that best describe who you are.

An estimated 10 million people may need mental health support because of the pandemic. As so much has changed in own lives in the last two years, including the way we work, it is vital as an employer that we support our staff to bring their whole self to work.

At Tong we believe in creating a community that supports our whole team, bringing together diversity and inclusion with health and wellbeing driving positive transformation in workplace mental health. We aim to create a culture where people have the safety and freedom to choose which parts of their identity they share at work, without fear of judgment.

For every selfie, the team donated £5 to Mind, raising an incredible £200. Thank you to everyone who shared their whole self and the amazing team spirit you always display


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