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When Hooting Owl Distillery founders Sarah and Dom acquired the old Yorkshire manor house at Barmby Moor near Pocklington in 2017, they embarked on an extensive restoration of the historic property.

It was as the couple were refurbishing the old scullery that they stumbled across a concealed floor safe which had belonged to a former resident of Barmby Moor House, Sir Owlfred Tyton Hodgins. Hiding within was a single bottle of Sir Owlfred’s Hooting Owl Signature Gin and an old book containing many of his secret recipes from 1865.

In 2017 Sarah and Dom, as Sir Owlfred had done before them, set out on a journey to lovingly distil a range of high quality artisan spirits inspired by the varied Yorkshire landscape, heritage and the abundance of natural flavours and produce found throughout the region.

Today, they produce a range of award-winning gin and we are delighted to partner with them to bring you four Yorkshire Gins in the Hearty’s range:

Signature Gin – a smooth, richly aromatic, sweet, citrus gin that’s delicious served with a slice of pink grapefruit and tonic water, wonderfully fruity Mango & Passionfruit Gin or Blood Orange Gin and finally West Yorkshire Gin – a wonderfully spiced aromatic gin.

All lovingly made by Hooting Owl , these four delicious gins are available in Hearty’s Food Hall today.

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