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Char-Broil Smart E BBQ

The Char-Broil SMART-E® is the future of the electric BBQ, offering maximum heat up to 370 °C using fully electric E-POWER – no gas or coal. Thanks to its innovative TRU?Infrared™ Technology, barbecued food is juicier than ever. The unique emitter plate transfers the heat so that nothing dries out and the entire stainless steel grate remains uniformly hot. Its technology also makes it more economical in terms of its energy consumption.

SMART PRECISION gives you total control. Using the dial, you can set the temperature between 90 °C and 370 °C and control it via the digital display. Precise preheating and temperature maintenance are managed in an instant. And cleaning the SMART-E® is also easier than ever. After your BBQ, start up AUTO CLEAN. Any residue will be removed from the grill by means of pyrolysis. Once done, the grill will turn itself off automatically. The side shelves of this stylish, black BBQ are foldable and, where you’d otherwise have to find room for a gas bottle, the SMART-E has storage space for utensils. With MADE2MATCH, you can customise how you configure your BBQ and upgrade it. And if the SMART-E needs moving, you can shift it easily from A to B on its four heavy duty castors.

• Barbecue juicier than ever with Tru-Infared technology
• E-Power for a new electric BBQ experience
• Full control with smart precision
• Auto Clean – Perfect cleaning with minimal effort
• Stainless steel grate system for hot BBQs
• More storage for more possibilities
• Space saving solution with two foldable side shelves

Main Burner Power 2.4 kW
Cooking System: TRU?Infrared™ Technology
Assembly Required

H 114.2cm x W 121cm x D 54.5

Burner Warranty Term (5 Years)
Grate/Emitter Warranty Term (3 Years)
Lid/Firebox Warranty Term (2 Years)
Other Parts Warranty Term (2 Years)
Home Delivery
Home Delivery
Click & Collect
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