October Plant of the month

The team at Tong have chosen Skimmia as our plant of the month! Skimmias are evergreen shrubs with glossy evergreen leaves which compliment their fragrant white or yellowish flowers and long-lasting winter berries.

Most skimmia varieties are either male or female, so you need to grow two different varieties, to ensure the females produce their bright red berries. However, there are self-fertile varieties so only one plant is needed for fruit to develop. Remember, our team are always on hand if you have any questions!


 1) Skimmias prefer a position in shade, and can even tolerate positions in deep shade. Definitely avoid planting in full sun, which can cause the leaves to turn yellow.

 2) They prefer neutral and acidic soils like ericaceous soil or John Inness No.3. They will grow in alkaline/limey soils, providing it contains lots of organic matter, such as compost a well-rotted manure!

3) Skimmias produce white or yellowish flowers in April and May and long-lasting striking winter berries.

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