There’s a lot to love about the harvest period, not least, Apple day! It’s an unusual celebration of a not so unusual fruit, and a yearly event held on the 21st of October.


Having been set up more than 20 years ago by founding charity, Common Ground, the day is a great way of inspiring an interest in the fruit and a love for our unique British landscape.

We’re all for their apple adoration, and are sharing our top 8 Hearty’s Food Hall favourites that feature the wonderfully versatile apple!

Hearty’s Apple Pie – a sweet and fruity classic, lovingly-made for Hearty’s by Stephenson’s Pies.

Hearty’s Pork and Apple Sausages – made here at Tong in the butchery, and always part of our 3 for £10 and 2 for £5 mix and match offer.

BonBons Apple – sweet, fruity tastes complement this traditional sweet.

Hearty’s Caramelised Apple and Yorkshire Chutney – this chunkily fruity chutney is perfect with so many types of foods: crackers, cheeses and meats are only a few to name!

Fentiman’s Apple & Blackberry – a quintessentially English drink with botanical extracts, delicious served over ice with a slice of apple.

Perry’s Apple Cider – a crisply refreshing taste that’s perfect for cooler autumnal airs.

Kin’s Toffee Apple Vodka – caramel and apple make a smooth combination in this vodka drink.

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s English Elderflower and Bramley Apple Cordial – a delicious blend of fragrant elderflower and fresh apple – liven up your cocktails with this flavourfully fruity cordial! 

Did you know?

Apples have a rich, longstanding place in our culture, being particularly commonplace in Western art and literature. From being the key to Magritte’s masterpieces, to helping the Norse Gods stay young, there’s always been something a little bit special about this sweet fruit.

Whether they’re helping us to understand gravity, or simply adding a little flavour to our foods, there’s no doubt that apples are a lot more than just fruit. So, mark the day the appley way with Hearty’s.

Now’s the time to plant

October makes an ideal time for apple tree planting. As autumnal soil is still warm, roots are established quickly and the plant is strengthened over winter – ready for new growth in spring!

Here at Tong, we’ve a diverse selection of apple trees. There’s tasty greens and richly reds, and many award winning varieties.

When planting a single tree, self-pollinating cultivars are a good choice. If growing two or more different cultivars, opt for plants in the same flowering group. Our team really know their onions (and apples) – so for more info, pop in store today!

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