Katie Rushworth, our favourite Yorkshire gardener and TV presenter, is back at Tong to inspire you with a brand new garden in a brand new location.

Here at Tong, we were never in any doubt that spending time in our gardens is good for you, whether relaxing, pottering or planting! With this in mind, we felt Katie’s latest garden here at Tong should be a wellbeing garden – a space that reflects just how important our gardens have been in recent times.


“This year, my garden at Tong is all about wellbeing!” says Katie.

“After a year of lockdowns and local restrictions, we’ve all learnt just what joy our gardens bring!

Whether yours is a rambling garden or a tiny plot with plenty packed, a place to relax, unwind, potter, plant or produce, our gardens are havens so we’re celebrating the positive power they have on our mood, health and wellbeing.”


At 16m2, Katie’s wellbeing garden is packed with plenty to inspire you and will change as the seasons progress to bring you new ways to style your space with plants that are in season now.

The garden will continue to reflect the way we enjoy our gardens and feature Katie’s selection of plants, chosen for their purpose and so deserving of an important place in this garden.

 “This may be a relatively small plot but it’s packed with plenty to inspire you and this year, I will change the plants frequently to show you how to plant what’s in season from my selection of VIPS – those Very Important Plants that I always go to or really love for the brilliant job they do – be it scent, structure, colour or texture. This means that what you see in the garden will be available to take home and add to your garden.”

Katie’s wellbeing garden is filled with VIPs – those Very Important Plants that are in season now and picked by Katie for their purpose, be it beauty, structure, scent or hardiness. Find out why each plant deserves to be a VIP and if it really ought to be a VIP in your garden too.

“I’d love to know what you love about my wellbeing garden, whether you agree that my VIPs deserve a place in your garden and how your garden has helped you in recent times.” Says Katie.


Scabious produce an abundance of stunning blooms that flower for at least nine months of the year and are a must if you’re planning on attracting bees and butterflies to your garden!


Firstly, Lavender smells absolutely delicious! Give it the right conditions – lots of sunshine and free-draining soil – and it will reward you with flowers for months!


Create a sea of colour in your garden with Foxglove. A traditional cottage garden favourite, their stunning large spikes of trumpet flowers will bloom all summer long!

Ilex Crenata

More commonly known as Japanese Holly, Ilex Crenata provides a wonderful evergreen structure all year round and you can clip it into any shape you like!

Alfie joins Katie to plant up!

Our very own horticulture apprentice, Alfie Taylor, has been chosen to work alongside Katie for the initial planting and subsequent seasonal changes in her new wellbeing garden at Tong Garden Centre.

“This is an amazing opportunity for me to learn from Katie. It was a brilliant day seeing how Katie planned out the borders to create the popular seasonal planting schemes that customers come to see then replicate at home. Being a garden designer is what I’ve always wanted to do and working with Katie is going to be a wonderful way to help me to grow my knowledge.” he said.

Alfie attends Shipley College one day a week to study for a Level 2 Horticulture and Landscape Operative qualification and joined Tong in 2020 working four days a week within our Plants team.

Katie Rushworth at Tong Garden Centre

Keep your plot looking tip-top all year round as well as seasonal advice to keep you one step ahead.

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