Katie has transformed her wellbeing garden here at Tong from a tranquil, relaxation space into the perfect place to entertain this summer, packed with an abundance of hot colours and a sea of glorious textures! Katie has handpicked a brand new selection vibrant VIPs that encapsulates the summer mood and created a planting scheme that will set the perfect backdrop for those summer get-togethers that we’ve all missed so much! Come take a seat and be inspired!




“I’ve swapped out the soft blues, pinks and lilacs for late summer hot colours and it looks awesome! I love a hot jazzy planting scheme! So, if you want a garden that will lift your spirits and put a spring in your step, then be sure to visit Tong for inspiration. It’s been so lovely seeing people taking pictures and enjoying the space.”


Katie’s wellbeing garden is filled with VIPs – those Very Important Plants that are in season now and picked by Katie for their purpose, be it beauty, structure, scent or hardiness. Find out why each plant deserves to be a VIP and if it really ought to be a VIP in your garden too.

“I’d love to know what you love about my wellbeing garden, whether you agree that my VIPs deserve a place in your garden and how your garden has helped you in recent times.” Says Katie.


I absolutely love Echinacea. These drought-tolerant and long-blooming perennials look fantastic in a mixed border, adding height and structure with their impressive stature! They are also super rich in nectar and very popular with both bees and butterflies!


Rudbeckia is definitely one of my favourites! It has gorgeous, bright yellow daisies that will flower all throughout summer into autumn. And it’s not only loved by me but it’s also wonderful for garden wildlife, especially bees!


Red-Hot Pokers are fantastic summer plants that add vibrancy and drama to any garden. They bloom from late spring until autumn and produce stunning tall spikes of red, orange and yellow flower buds that will make a real statement in a mixed border!


Helenium is a wonderful little plant that stays nice and compact and is great for providing structure. Once the petals drop off, it leaves these eye-catching button-like seed heads that will last all through the winter – it’s a must in my garden!

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