Katie Rushworth, our favourite gardener and TV presenter, has been back at Tong where she has beautifully designed a brand new space to create a garden that helps put your mind at ease and makes way for peaceful thinking. Katie has also handpicked a selection of VIPs, here Very Important Plants, for their scent, evergreen structure and wow factor that will bring a sense of tranquillity and peace to her new show garden




“My brand new garden has been created around the theme of wellbeing, drawing on a year of lockdowns where our gardens became havens. There has never been any doubt in my mind that gardening is good for you and studies prove the positive impact it has on our mental and physical wellbeing. So come take a seat and be inspired!


Katie’s wellbeing garden is filled with VIPs – those Very Important Plants that are in season now and picked by Katie for their purpose, be it beauty, structure, scent or hardiness. Find out why each plant deserves to be a VIP and if it really ought to be a VIP in your garden too.

“I’d love to know what you love about my wellbeing garden, whether you agree that my VIPs deserve a place in your garden and how your garden has helped you in recent times.” Says Katie.



Scabious produce an abundance of stunning blooms that flower for at least nine months of the year and are a must if you’re planning on attracting bees and butterflies to your garden!


Firstly, Lavender smells absolutely delicious! Give it the right conditions – lots of sunshine and free-draining soil – and it will reward you with flowers for months!


Create a sea of colour in your garden with Foxglove. A traditional cottage garden favourite, their stunning large spikes of trumpet flowers will bloom all summer long!


Hydrangeas flaunt a classic charm that is hard to resist! These popular hardy shrubs are well well-known for their large globes of flowers that bloom throughout summer into autumn!

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