Shop safely with us

Tong Garden Centre and The Food Hall, situated inside the centre, remain open during this lockdown period.

The Mezzanine, The Restaurant and Grass Hoppers remain closed until further notice.

Pavers and Bonmarché also remain closed, however, Maidenhead Aquatics is classed as an essential retailer and is therefore allowed to remain open.

During this time, we will continue to prioritise the safety of all our customers and of course our team. We know you will have a few questions so we thought it helpful if we explain exactly how it will work during this time.


The Garden Centre and Food Hall will close at 4pm every day until the end of February. Normal operating hours will resume on the 1st of March.

We are grateful to remain open to offer our customers the chance to get everything they need for their garden and home as well as providing an outlet for our valued suppliers.

We are also conscious of helping our team manage their everyday lives as lockdown creates greater challenges for us all. We hope this small change helps our team and many thanks for your continued support.


Customers must wear a face covering whilst in store, unless you are exempt.

Customers can enter the store without a face covering if they have a medical condition or invisible disability that prevents them from wearing a covering. We ask that you respect this legal requirement whilst shopping with us to help protect you, your fellow shoppers and our team.

For more information please see here


We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance from the Health & Safety Executive on managing the risk of COVID-19 and been approved by the EP Risk Consultancy:

  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here.
  • We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work safely from a COVID-19 Secure workplace or work from home.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace
  • Where people cannot keep 2m apart we have ensured at least a 1m distance and taken all the mitigating actions possible to manage transmission risk.


  • We will limit the number of people in store at any one time. As a site with a large footprint, we will not exceed 1 person per 375 sqft, ensuring customers can easily remain at an adequate distance of more than 2m apart.
  • At times, a queue system may be in operation at the entrance to manage numbers coming into the centre.
  • Face coverings must be worn in store at all times, unless you are exempt. A visor will be accepted as a face covering. For Government guidance regarding face coverings, please visit
  • On entry to the centre, please sanitise your hands at the sanitising station
  • During your visit, our team will be happy to help but please ensure you socially distance, remaining at least 2m apart and wearing a face covering, unless exempt.
  • At the tills, our queuing system remains in operation with marked points to keep everyone 2m apart.
  • When making payment, please use contactless whenever possible. If you are with another member of your household, please advise them to stand well behind the tills.
  • As you exit the store, there is a clear route and that must be followed. This ensures we have no crossover with those entering the store
  • Our main toilets, located by the Restaurant, will remain open and will be cleaned at frequent intervals.

You will understand that these rules are non-negotiable. We must follow them for everyone’s safety. What we can assure you is that, alongside these measures, you will find our friendly team ready to help, as they always do.

Thank you.


Face coverings must be worn in store unless exempt

Hand sanitising stations provided in store

Please pay by contactless if possible

Please keep a safe distance at all times


Do I need to wear a face covering?

Face coverings must be worn in store at all times, unless you are exempt. A visor will be accepted as a face covering. For Government guidance regarding face coverings, please click here: Find out more

Is parking available?

Free onsite parking is available. We recommend where possible that you leave a car space between cars when parking.

Will I have to queue to enter the store?

If we have reached capacity instore, you will be asked to queue in our designated queue area which is a covered area providing some protection against the elements. Please note the canopy will be removed from the 16th of December. On entry, please take a trolley or basket; sanitiser and cleaning materials will be provided for you to clean your trolley or basket so that you can be confident it has been cleaned to an acceptable standard. We will also provide hand sanitiser.

What payment methods do you have available?

We are encouraging contactless payment where possible. We have raised the maximum spend to £45 for contactless spend and also have Apple pay available

How long can I stay instore?

We are not setting a limit for the length of time instore however we ask that you please use common sense and think of others as they will not be able to enter the store until you leave.

Are toilet and disabled facilities available?

Our main customer toilets, located next to The Restaurant, will be open for public use and will be cleaned at frequent intervals. This includes the disabled toilet/baby change.

If I have a disability, will I have to queue?

As winter approaches, we appreciate that queuing may be harder for some customers. For this reason, we have introduced priority access every Monday to Friday before 10am for any blue badge holder or if you wear a daffodil lanyard. On sight of your blue badge or daffodil lanyard, you can enter with one accompanying carer without having to queue.  At other times, please ask our greeter at the entrance about providing a place to wait whilst your carer queues.

I have a faulty product am I able to return it?

If you only want to return an unwanted or faulty item to the garden centre, and do not wish to shop with us, please approach a member of our team at the entrance. They will be able to take you to the Customer Service desk where on of the team will handle your exchange or refund. On completion, you’ll exit the centre. If you do want to shop with us after returning an item, please join the queue if there is one.

Are you offering a click and collect service?

We are not, at this time, offering click and collect.

Will I still be able to claim my Evergreens(Over 60s) Discount on Wednesdays?

We will still be honouring discount for Evergreens

Are you still offering carry to car?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service until further notice. If you do have any specific needs, we will do our best to help if it is possible.

I have booked to come for Afternoon Tea, what do I do?

If you have booked to come for Afternoon Tea, you will already have received a phone call from a member of our team to explain the options. We do appreciate that this is disappointing but know that you will respect this important decision. If you have a voucher you were intending to use and that is due to expire, this will be extended. Please see below for details.

I have a voucher for Afternoon Tea that is due to expire, but I’m unable to use it now that your restaurant is closed. What do I do?

Any voucher will be extended for the same time period that was remaining on the voucher as at 05.11.20. This extension will be implemented once we re-open. For example, if you have 6 weeks remaining as at 5 November 2020 (when the national lockdown came into effect), then you will still have 6 weeks remaining from the date we can re-open.

I have a free play voucher for Grass Hoppers, what do I do?

If you have a Grass Hoppers’ free play voucher, it will be extended for the same time period that was remaining on the voucher as at 05.11.20 (when the national lockdown came into effect), once Grass Hoppers reopens.

Can I dine with you or making a booking for afternoon tea?

In line with Government guidance, both The Restaurant and The Mezzanine will be closed during the lockdown period. In addition, we will not take bookings for Afternoon Tea in The Restaurant until we reopen.

Are the concessions within Tong Garden Centre open?

Yes Bon Marche, Maidenhead Aquatics and Pavers are open as usual.