Houseplant trends for 2022

We love houseplants!

You can feature them in any room in your home, as there’s a plant to fit any space. So whether you’re looking to spruce up your existing collection or starting your indoor garden from scratch, our team have been looking at the houseplants that are most likely to be trending in 2022.

The Bigger the Better

Large, floor standing houseplants are perfect for creating a statement piece in your home and bring liveliness, atmosphere and colour into your living spaces. You can use them in a variety of indoor décor themes especially in the living room corners where you have tall walls and bright light.

There’s so many tall specimens to love such as the popular Dracaena, the resilient Yucca plant or exotic Areca Palm but our team have chosen the Ficus as the must-have tall plant for this year.

Janice, our houseplant buyer, said: “With so many varieties available, the Ficus plant has always been very popular plant and I see that trend continuing this year. The Ficus Elastic Robusta (Rubber Plant) is an elegant looking plant with its glossy leaves that can grow up to 3 metres in height, ideal for making an impact in your home!”

Hanging Foliage

Houseplants are a great way to brighten your interiors and bring nature inside, but it’s not always easy to find the space for larger specimens especially if your home is on the smaller side. The solution? Hanging houseplants!

Whether it’s from the ceiling, a bookcase or your window frame, new and exciting ways to suspend your greenery to lofty heights are on the rise! And there’s lots of trailing plants that will certainly up your hanging garden game!

Jane, our houseplant supervisor, has picked a few favourites that are in fashion right now. “Scindapsus have a fantastic sculptural quality, making them a wonderful addition to your hanging garden but we’ve noticed that the Hoya plant is making a comeback this year! These tropical vining plants with thick, waxy foliage grow vigorously and flower consistently year after year so what’s not to love?”

Hole-y Leaves

Species of plants that have big, showy splits and slits are extremely appealing to plant collectors. Not only are they visually impactful but it’s relatively uncommon in your everyday houseplant. One of the most sought-after split leafed houseplants of recent years is the Monstera Deliciosa, more commonly known as The Swiss Cheese Plant. This eye-catching climbing evergreen is very easy-to-grow and a favourite of many interior designers, Instagrammers and homeowners alike!

Monstera needs lots of space so make sure it’s in a statement-making spot in the living room, rather than in a tight corner or on a windowsill. If you’re lacking the space, Janice has a great alternative for you. “Monstera Monkey Mask is a more compact variety of the Monstera Deliciosa but still has a wonderfully interesting leaf split and is perfect for those where space is a premium! It’s definitely my favourite houseplant of 2022 so far!”

Fabulous Ferns

With their elegant fronds and lush green colouring, Ferns are some of the most sought-after houseplants around. But just like people and animals, ferns tend to do better with company! Grouping Ferns together increases the humidity around them which in turn helps them grow. Their love of moist air makes Ferns the perfect addition to any bright bathrooms or spacious kitchens.

With so many different varieties, choosing the right Fern for you and your home can be tricky. However, whether you pick the Boston, the Delta Maidenhair or The Bird’s Nest, you really can’t go wrong with Ferns! And just remember, not only do they look fantastic mixed together, but they combine beautifully with other houseplants, especially larger-leafed varieties so you can enjoy the dramatic contrast in leaf texture!

Low Maintenance Plants

As more people are heading back to the office, spending time socialising or jetting off on their travels, plant care may take a backseat. If this sounds like something you’re likely to be doing this year, then try purchase houseplants that pretty much take care of themselves. Our houseplant team have picked out a few great options for you!

 “Dracaena, Snake Plants, Aloe Vera, Cacti and Succulents are fantastic for those with busy lives! They require very little attention but they will still look fantastic in your home and help add that touch of greenery with hardly any effort needed!”

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