Feeding the birds during winter

This time of year can be tough for garden birds… 

Our feathery friends remain active and will continue to visit gardens in search of food even during the cold snap. Help them survive the winter months by providing them with plenty of food and water when they visit. Here are our top bird feeding tips.


• Providing the birds with fresh water every day for drinking and bathing is essential as they need to preen their feathers to insulate from the cold. So, remember to keep it clean and free of ice.

• Birds require high-energy foods, such as Fat Snax, during the cold winter weather to maintain their fat reserves to survive the frosty nights.

• Put up nest boxes throughout winter and clean out any existing boxes ready for new inhabitants. Ensure any existing bird boxes in your garden are safely fixed to the fence or wall and haven’t rotted.

• Keep feeding the birds, they come to rely on you as a food source. Check your bird feeders are full of food such as peanuts, sunflower hearts and suet products.